Improve Your Chances of Success at an Interview

Succeed at Interview

A job interview can be an exciting yet nerve-wracking prospect. You have successfully gained an interview following your job application and now you have the chance to secure the job itself with a face to face meeting with your potential employers.

But what does it take to succeed at your interview? How do you make an impression at an interview? This blog post from the A Star Recruitment team takes a look at things you can do to help you succeed with your job interview.

Dress Smartly
Regardless of the dress code or approach the company you are having an interview with take on a day to day basis it will do your chances of success no harm by dressing smartly for your interview. ‘Overdressing’ if anything will make you stand out from the crowd. By dressing smartly for your interview, you will display a professional attitude to those who are interviewing you.

Be Punctual
Make sure you arrive in enough time to prepare yourself for the interview. Leave enough time to arrive at the interview location, to get a drink and to visit the reception. You may also want to leave enough time to go over your notes one last time.

If you are driving to the interview, make allowances for traffic and if you are unsure how to get to the interview location then make sure you find out ahead of the interview – do not try to wing it on the day. If you are late you will leave the completely wrong type of impression on the interviewer and it will almost certainly ruin your chances of being successful.

To succeed at the interview you must prepare beforehand. You cannot simply expect to turn up on the day after no preparation and successfully negate the interview and be chosen for the job. Research the firm you are going to interview for, you are likely to be asked what you know about the company and if the job you are interviewing for requires position-specific qualifications then make sure to bring evidence that you have the necessary credentials.

Be Honest and Confident
Do not lie on your CV as this will come back to haunt you in your interview if you are asked in detail about it. Be honest with your entire application and throughout your interview. Honesty is a characteristic which is highly valued by prospective employers and it will help you to succeed at the interview.

Remain relaxed and confident throughout your interview but be sure not to come across as arrogant. Nobody likes a show-off but if you have particular trait or skill that you are proud of make sure to mention it in the interview.

Ask Questions
The interview will conclude with the interviewer asking you if you have any questions. Leave an impression by asking genuine, intelligent questions about the role in question and the company you are interviewing for. Leave questions regarding holidays and pay to another time. This is your chance to present yourself as being sincerely keen and interested in the position at hand.

For more tips on how to make an impression at an interview contact the A Star Recruitment team. Our knowledgeable, supportive staff can help you to succeed at your new job interview.

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