How to Put Your Achievements into Context During Interviews

How to say achievements in interviews

It is imperative that you are as prepared as possible for an interview and one of the most important aspects of this is to know how to talk about your achievements in interviews. Things you are proud of that you have achieved throughout your life and in previous positions must be contextual during your interview. Most people who attend a job interview will have achievements that they are proud of, but you must know how to make them relevant to the vacancy you are applying for. The A Star-Recruitment team are on hand to explain how you can do this.

Each and every interview is different from another. They differ in their formality, content and style. However, one thing remains the same – you must be able to persuade the interviewer that you can do the job they are advertising for. When discussing your achievements, you must make what you say as contextual as possible. It is no good telling the interviewer about something you feel is a positive part of your professional profile if you cannot explain how it can be utilised in the role you are applying for. If you say you can do something, or have previously accomplished something, explain how and why it will be of benefit to the company.

How to Say Achievements in Interviews

If your interviewer asks you a question relating to the role and how you would cope and perform with that aspect of the job it is always best to try to speak in detail and to provide examples to back up your point.

When you are discussing your skills, experience and achievements during the interview, it will massively help your chances of getting the job if you can relate the interviewer’s questions to examples you have dealt with in previous roles or in life away from work – just make sure it is relevant.

The best way to go about this process is that when the interviewer asks a question regarding an element of the job, think back to anything you have achieved or done that can be used as a relevant example. It is also very important to discuss your achievements with confidence but be careful not to come across as arrogant – that will not help your chances. You will be asked these questions to help the interview to assess your experience and your competence in relation to the role.

They will more than likely give you an example scenario that could occur in the event you get the job and ask how you would successfully and professionally negate the situation. Follow the following three steps to help you say your achievements in the interview and whilst keeping them relative to the question at hand.

  • As an example of your experience relating to the question, mention a previous situation and talk about what happened
  • Next, talk about the actions you took as part of your attempt to negate the situation and why
  • Finally, speak about the outcome of the situation and what was directly achieved as a result of your actions

By following these steps, you will reveal previous achievements in the interview and without coming across as arrogant. It will allow the interviewer to see your problem-solving qualities.

If you require any further details about how to say about your achievements and accomplishments in interviews then please do not hesitate to contact the A Star Recruitment team. Our knowledgeable, helpful staff can answer any questions you have regarding this matter.

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