How to successfully attend a job interview

Successfully attend a job interview

When looking for a new warehouse or driving job, getting an interview for a job you have applied for can be an exciting prospect but for some, it can also be a nervy time. There is nothing to worry about thanks to our job interview tips, which will help you along the way.

After all, the people interviewing you have previously overseen your application for your warehouse operative job so, to begin with, you are already off to a good start!

Preparation for each stage of your job interview is key if you are to succeed and with that prior preparation, you will be much more confident entering your interview than if you had not looked ahead and prepared at all.

Research the job you are interviewing for
What is the job specification? Make sure that going into your interview you know the description down to the smallest detail. This way, you will not get caught out by any questions regarding the job itself. Will you be driving your cargo alone or as part of a fleet? Will you need to demonstrate any leadership skills?

Once you have the specification memorised you then need to think about how you individually fit into that role. Make sure you tell the interviewer of any past experiences you have relating to the job description. This will make you look more suitable for the role.

What do you know about the company?
Your interviewer will almost certainly ask you about what you know about the company itself and why you want to join them.

Look on their website and social media pages. When you look is there anything that stands out? Have you heard anything in particular about them that you liked? Talk about it in your driving job interview as it will showcase how much you want to work for the firm. Make the interviewer feel that you want a job with them, not just a warehouse job in general.

Also, if you know who your interviewer will try to research them personally through a site like LinkedIn. Anything like that could give you a small edge over your competitors.

First impressions count
Your interviewer will obviously be asking you questions, but is there anything you want to ask them? Make sure you have a couple lined up in case the opportunity arises.

Your interviewer will note if you are dressed appropriately or not. Weigh up what type of interview it will be and adjust your outfit accordingly.

If you turn up late then regardless of any excuses it will not impress your interviewer, so plan your route and leave extra time for things like traffic when you are setting off to make sure you arrive on time.

Remember to follow up
The interview has now finished, so think about what went well and what did not. It will come in handy if you get a call back for a second interview. It will even be useful if you do not as you can correct any mistakes you have made at the next job interview you attend.

Either way, always send a follow-up email to thank the company and the interviewer for the opportunity and their time.

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