Tips to Finding a Career You Love

Find a career you love

Your working life takes up a massive amount of your time throughout your life. A lot of people work at least five days per week and many also work overtime. Add to that the amount of time people spend looking for other jobs or discussing their work then it’s clear to see how important finding a career you love is.

Many workers are in a job that simply pays their bills but doesn’t offer them any excitement, often leaving them unmotivated in the workplace and lacking drive. It is our job here at A Star Recruitment to help to find you a job you love.

Below we have put together a list of helpful tips to finding a career you love.

  1. Identify your strengths and weaknesses
    The first step to finding a new career should be to work out what you are actually good at as most of the time if someone excels at something they will also enjoy doing it. Likewise, if you are not particularly good at something it is probably worth trying to avoid searching for jobs in that field.
  2. What you passionate about?
    Everyone has activities they enjoy and hobbies they couldn’t live without, so if there is a possibility to begin a new career related to your passion then it is something you should consider looking into.
  3. What do you dislike?
    Similarly, if there are certain things that are a complete put off for a job such as office work or working in a city centre then you should eliminate careers or jobs which involve those things. It would be no good getting a job that you know would make you unhappy before you have even started it.
  4. Did you have a dream career as a child?
    Finding a career you love could be as simple as revisiting your childhood dreams. Maybe you are at a time in your life now where it is an actual possibility that you could get a job doing what you have wanted to do since you were a child.
  5. Speak to your family and friends
    Consult with the people closest to you. There’s a good chance they know what seemingly makes you happy and it is always good to seek the advice of people who know you best when finding a new career.
  6. Benefit from past failures
    If you are looking to find a career you love then but have been previously unsuccessful in your job hunt then contact the companies who turned you down to find the areas you need to work on. It could be a simple tweak that will improve your chances of success in your future applications.
  7. Write a career plan
    Your career will benefit from having a planned route you wish to take during your working life. Think about the career path you want to take and how to get to progress through each step on that path to reach the point where you eventually want to be.
  8. Is salary the most important thing?
    If you can afford to take a salary cut, even if just on a temporary basis to eventually get to where you need to be then, it might be something worth considering. This is especially true if you would gain a lot more job satisfaction from a particular career, even if the salary is lower but something you can afford to do.
  9. Consult a recruitment agency
    Visiting a recruitment agency like A Star Recruitment could open a door to a career you haven’t ever considered but upon looking into it, it turns out you would love it. Recruitment agencies arrange your interviews and strive to find you a job in a field that they know would work well for you.

Our team are here to help with every step of your search for a new career, so do not hesitate to contact them when beginning your next search for a new career!

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