Top Tips for Your First Day at a New Job

Tips for first day at new job

Starting a new job can make you both nervous and excited in equal measure. It could be a job in a field you are familiar with or a completely fresh start. You could know a few people who also work at the same place or you may not know anybody. The top and bottom of it is that you want to make a good first impression with your new colleagues. As you approach the first day of your new job, A Star Recruitment have put together a list of handy tips on what to do on your first day of work.

Prepare In Advance
If your new job is in a place you are unfamiliar with, or simply have never worked near to before, then it is imperative that you plan ahead when it comes to your morning routine and your route from your home to work. There would be nothing more embarrassing than turning up at the wrong warehouse or site on your first day, especially seeing as if this did happen it would more than likely lead to you not successfully going along with our second tip.

Be on Time
Nothing quite says ‘bad first impression’ like being late on your first day. It gives off the impression that you are unreliable, which is not a good start when it comes to a job which means you have to deliver goods on time or handle forklift trucks or machinery. This does not mean you have to be ridiculously early to create a good impression on your first day of work. You do not want to arrive before the warehouse is even open. Anything between 10 and 15 minutes before your shift is due to start should be perfect.

Be Organised
Is there are certain uniform you need to wear to work? Or a certain style of clothing? Checking this ahead of your first day will alleviate the possibility of turning up in the wrong clothes which would not be a good start at all. A quick email to the office of where you are due to start will be enough to find out what you need to wear and, if any, what tools or documents you need to take with you on your first day.

Be Open-minded
Compared to your last job, your new one could turn out to be pretty similar or completely different and not in terms of the actual job you are doing. In your new work environment you may need to get used to how things work or adapt to a new routine so do not feel down or disheartened if your first day at a new job does not go exactly as you thought it would. Sometimes it just takes time to adjust to new surroundings.

Work Out the Social Element
Be polite and engaging with the people you will be working alongside. Find out the routine for breaks and going for your lunch, there might be a place where all your co-workers go to and if you have made an effort with them earlier on during your first day then they will probably invite you along. You do not have to go overboard but attempting to get to know everyone is always a great way to make a good first impression. It helps if you can remember their names too!

Relax and Enjoy It
Above, the team here at A Star Recruitment have provided five tips for your first day at new job and while we advise paying attention to them to give yourself the best chance of a successful first day there is nothing black and white about what you should definitely do on your first day of a new job in order to make a good impression. If you try your best to relax and enjoy your first day then the rest should come naturally.

The A Star Recruitment team can advise on any of the points above so if you are unsure of any of them or want to discuss what to do on your first day in more detail then get in touch with our team via our contact page.

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